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A study of your university's motivation letter requirements after an individual consultation.


  • Consultation

  • Draft Essay

  • Comments and Feedback

  • Final Review


We begin with an initial online call or an offline meeting where we discuss the specific requirements of the university/college for which you are writing the motivation letter. During this session, we generate ideas, devise a content strategy, and establish the overall structure of the letter.

Draft Essay: After the consultation, you proceed to write the letter based on the strategy we discussed. There is no need to adhere strictly to a particular structure or worry about mistakes at this stage. Your focus should be on expressing your thoughts and ideas as comprehensively as possible.

Comments: Once you have completed the draft, our specialist will provide feedback. Our instructor will help organize your thoughts, rewrite sentences that require improvement, remove unnecessary details, and correct grammar and spelling mistakes.

Final review: final version review, last corrections. You are ready to submit your application!




3 Weeks

woman portrait


Embark on your academic journey alongside Elena, a distinguished West Chester University of Pennsylvania graduate who earned her master's degree in 2020 with a full scholarship. As a TEFL-certified English teacher, Elena brings a linguistic wealth of experience to higher education.
What sets Elena apart is her connection to the same academic institution that shaped Jill Biden's journey in 1981. Drawing inspiration from the halls that influenced the First Lady of the USA, Elena embodies a commitment to excellence in education.
Beyond this shared legacy, Elena's impact goes beyond mere advisory roles. With her adept guidance, she has successfully assisted over 30 individuals in navigating the complexities of university admissions. Her tailored approach has led numerous clients to secure coveted grants and scholarships, transforming aspirations into tangible achievements.
Join the ranks of those who've turned dreams into academic triumphs under Elena's mentorship. Your promising academic future awaits, with Elena as your esteemed companion in pursuing knowledge and accomplishment.

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